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Jonnie Herring. Family Law Attorney.
Jonnie Herring. Family Law Attorney.

Our Philosophy

Family disputes of all kinds – divorce, post divorce, paternity, and so on – are among the most painful of problems with which people deal. When children are involved, the pain can be compounded. It is our goal to do the following:

  1. Help our clients find the most efficient and least harmful way to resolve the dispute.
  2. Be sure our clients have sufficient information with which to make good decisions.
  3. Do everything we can to keep our client and the other party in control of decisions and choices, turning to a decision maker such as a judge only when unavoidable.
  4. Encourage creative thinking by everyone, to open up new solutions to the problems.
  5. Where children are involved, find ways for both parties to help the children during and after the legal process.

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